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About Us

Mineral Solutions offers High Quality “Globally Sourced” Industrial Mineral products for the Glass, Foundry, and Ceramic Markets in Mexico. We have over 50 years experience in Industrial Mineral value added and synergetic promotion and  Sales.

Our supply warehouses are located in Altamira and Manzanillo, with marketing/Sales offices in both Monterrey and Mazatlán.

We are a subsidiary of HSL Mexico which is part of HSL-Logistics (a Hudson division) with Central offices located around the globe (headquartered in Chicago, USA).


We have unique Strategic Alliances with several Key Global Mineral Suppliers, which allows us to offer better product alternatives with significant Added Value for our customers throughout the world.

Our main focus is Low Iron Silica Sands, we stock locally and deliver our products Door to Door.

We are continuously evaluating NewProducts and improving our Services tooffer our customers Guaranteed Quality Products at CompetitivePrices.

Our Advantage

We manage the Shipping, Storage,and Distribution of these products via our own dedicated vessels, warehouses and trucking. We are continuously evaluating New Products and improving our services. We are also expanding into new Markets and will soon be offering our products in South America.

Value Added

Guaranteed Specifications

Our products are sourced exclusively from strategic Global suppliers; we offer highly consistent  products with guaranteed specifications.


We meticulously handle and store our products with great care, also by bringing larger lots of material we reduce any variability by blending throughout discharge and storage process.

Local Stock

We have significant storage capabilities; this gives our customers the guarantee of availability, this also allows customers to run Campaigns as they can counton products being available when they need it. This also gives our customers  the ability to pre-approve the material whichis ready for use on demand.

Dedicated Local Sales Team

We provide full-service customer support for these products and have offices in Monterrey and Mazatlán. Our staff have over 50 years combined experience in providing exceptional customer service and Sales support to our customers. We are also supported 24-7 by our main offices located in Chicago.

Customized Logistics Options

We can provide shipments in Bulk Rail, Trucks, or Big Bags as needed. We own our own Trucking Services and can make deliveries within 24-48 hours. We charge no additional costs and can manage custom options based on our customer needs.

Our Goal

To offer our customers High Quality Low Iron Sands at Competitive Prices with significant Added Value. For more information, samples,quotes or technical data please get in touch.

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Corporate Responsibility

HSL is committed to pursue its business endeavors while honoring our responsibilities to customers, employees and partners. Also, to the environment and jurisdictions in which we conduct business. HSL believes that investing in our people, preserving our environment and maintaining sound business ethics, are some of the keys to our success.


HSL is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance, which are critical to our business integrity. We adopted Code of Conduct and Ethics that encourages honest and ethical conduct. HSL believes in meeting the highest standards of honesty, integrity and respect to each other, our customers, and our business partners. We promote responsible business practices at every level of the company and expect our partners and suppliers to meet our high ethical standards as well. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations on bribery, corruption and prohibited business practices. We strive to avoid even the appearance of improper influence as described above.


HSL is committed to business practices that preserve the environment by complying with local and international laws, implementing, maintaining and improving environmental management system and energy savings initiatives while increasing efficiency in our products, services and facilities.


As a global company, HSL believes it has the responsibility to respect Human Rights, comply with international laws and invest in the jurisdictions in which we conduct our business. Our people are the driving force behind our success. We are committed to maintain an equal, fair, safe and healthy environment and work to develop our people's knowledge and skills. We seek to preserve a corporate culture that supports diversity and innovative thinking, as we believe that the best ideas come from within.

For more information, samples, quotes or technical data, please get in touch below..

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Monterrey, Mexico

Distrito B-5 #105 /
Leones / Monterrey,
Nuevo Leon / 64600 Mexico
Tel +52 811 358 7105

Mazatlan, Mexico

Box 3361 Fracc.
Villa Marina / Mazatlan,
Sinaloa / 82112 Mexico
Tel +52 669 193 9570

Altamira, Mexico

Boulevard de los Rios S/N
Puerto Industrial
Altamira, Tamaulipas, Mexico
C.P. 89603
Tel +52 833 387 7007

Manzanillo, Mexico

Calle Acambaro S/N
Col. Tapeixtles
Manzanillo, Colima
CP 28239
Tel +52 669 198 9365