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Hudson is a member of the Seatrade Transport International (STI) group of companies, an international enterprise with 50 years’ experience in the shipping and distribution sectors. Hudson is able to provide comprehensive door to door supply chain management services for a diverse collection of customers. A Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logistics​

At Hudson Logistics, our company culture revolves around a set of guiding values that our team members live by every single day. These six values are the core of our culture, our team, and the service we provide. Whether it’s in our interactions with customers, carriers, or each other, these values hold true in everything we do.​ ​

Our Mission

Hudson is dedicated to understanding customer expectations and identifying and developing opportunities that enhance customer supply chain strategies. Our operating philosophy is founded on maintaining the highest level of quality service in the most efficient manner possible. We are committed to continuous process improvement through leadership, innovation, and technology.

Our Value

Hudson endeavors to be synonymous with integrity and quality. We place the highest emphasis on integrity in all that we do and with all our relationships with our employees, customers, and vendors.

Hudson values employees and promotes individual empowerment and diversity. We recognize excellence by encouraging responsible leadership through open communication, individual development, and continuous process improvement.


Ogallala Commons, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing education


Hudson is a leading carrier and distributor of a wide variety commodities worldwide with a fleet of over 50 dry bulk vessels backed by 50 years of knowledge and expertise. By using the best market techniques to meet customer needs with innovative logistics solutions, Hudson’s worth extends beyond ships and experience. Our diverse network of global relationships gives strength to Hudson to ensure the efficient and reliable transportation of customer goods.


Barging along narrow waterways is the most efficient method of transporting goods. A single barge has equivalent capacity to 15 rail cars or 60 truck trailers. A single tugboat can handle multiple barges, providing excellent opportunities to take advantage of economies of scale. While obvious geographical limitations apply, Hudson works with clients to determine if lightering into barges can be a cost effect method of transporting their goods.

Ogallala Commons, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing education
Ogallala Commons, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing education


Intermodal shipping has arisen in recent years as a modern, budget-friendly, alternative to truckload shipping. This mode of transportation has existed for centuries, and today, technological advancements in the world of intermodal logistics have made intermodal shipping nearly as fast as truckload shipping. Hudson is able to offer worldwide intermodal service as part of our logistics services.


In a supply chain system, it is common that carriage begins and ends with road transportation. Responsive and adaptable, trucks move over 60% of the world’s freight. Hudson engages with trucking carriers across the globe to ensure our customers’ goods are moved quickly and efficiently when moving oversized or smaller cargoes.

Ogallala Commons, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing education
Ogallala Commons, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing education

Road Train

In Australia Hudson is able to utilize so-called “road trains” of 3 or more trailers attached to a single truck to efficiently move large quantities of goods across long distances. By working with local carriers we are able to ensure that transportation of raw materials to the port can be done in the most cost-efficient manner possible.


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An expansion is an essential part of any solid growth strategy. While it’s important to expand into new sales channels and scale your operations, you also need to expand your product lines to truly achieve sustainable growth. For Hudson many factors have influenced our decision to expand our Value-added services from our existing product line, into Grinding, Sorting, Mining and Bagging. The core factors we considered were timing, customer demand, competitive landscape, and manufacturing costs. As our Motto suggests “the Strongest link to your supply chain” Hudson is strengthening this link by offering “Tailor Made Solutions” from “Mine to plants” that allows access new markets. Hudson’s “Tailor Made Solutions” provides the full progression of Mining starting from surfacing, drilling, digging, crushing, processing at the origin, to trucking and shipping or barging to the final destinations.

Port Services

For port calls with blue ocean vessels, Hudson has a system of terminals, agencies, and stevedoring companies to meet our customers’ need for responsive, dependable, port services. Hudson offers related services, including port and customs documentation, cargo handling, stevedoring and chartering which are handled by our professional teams.  Chartering the right type of vessel is important for achieving a successful project. Whether our clients need short or long-term chartering, we are able to provide an appropriate vessel via our worldwide contacts with shipowners. Hudson is a member of various international shipbrokers associations, including BIMCO. In port, our stevedores and engineers are experienced in handling all kinds of bulk products, project cargo, heavy lift and general cargo while focusing on quality and safety.


Hudson offers a wide scope of independent services that extend into a multitude of operational areas within the supply chain. While shipping, handling and storing materials are always exposed to the risk of commercial losses, we have the capability and global reach to manage all parts of the supply chain risks of loss may occur. We focus on minimizing supply chain risks by providing a range of services designed to put your mind at ease. Hudson can provide sampling & testing, supervision of loading and discharge operations, stock auditing for compliance purposes, and due diligence inspections on storage facilities to mention but a few.  Hudson manages and operates over 280K combined square footage of clean, heated and well-organized warehouse space offering a variety of capabilities and is staffed by a group of people dedicated to providing our customers with only the highest levels of Quality Logistics Services. The jewel of our warehouse space is our Mexico Warehouse and Distribution Facility located in Altamira. The facility is a custom renovated storage and staging yard in close proximity to major transport hubs. This location allows us to provide our customers with a safe and secure means to pull and hold their goods.

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